Apartment renovation on Krylova 113

Repair Description

Repair of euro three-ruble note, area 57 sq. meters, made by our organization.  The apartment was originally with a rough finish, so we carried out a complete plastering of the apartment along the lighthouses with further puttying for painting. The design of the repair is made in the author's style, there are features of the Scandinavian style and minimalism. The bathroom, made in a style close to the classic country, deserves special attention. The beige top is in perfect harmony with the brown bottom, and this combination, in our opinion, fully corresponds to the concept of comfort. The shower tray, according to tradition, is self-made, laid out by us from blocks. Taking this opportunity, we remind you once again that such pallets must be waterproofed. The tile here is completely sawn at 45 degrees, without the use of layouts (corners), for this concept of the toilet, this is obviously the right decision. The ceilings throughout the apartment are stretch matt, tiles are laid in the hallway, and polish laminate of class 33 is laid in the rooms.

We hope that you liked this project and, as always, we are open for communication with you 24/7.