Renovation of an apartment in the residential complex Ogni Anapa 4

Repair Description

Luxurious renovation of a three-room apartment in the Ogni Anapa residential complex, performed by our organization. The bathroom deserves special attention. The room is presented in blue-gray cold tones. The entire bathroom is lined with large-format porcelain tiles measuring 60 by 120 bought from Kerama Marazzi. Vanity top and shelves  the shower tray area is completely made by us and lined with the same tiles. The floor of the shower tray is tiled with mosaic tiles. Washed down at 45 degrees, in agreement with the customer, they decided not to do it here, instead of them, chrome-plated cone-shaped corners were used, this solution fit perfectly into the design. Renovation of the remaining premises of the apartment is made in the standard version: the walls are wallpaper everywhere, the floor in the hallway and the kitchen is porcelain stoneware, the rest of the rooms are laminate. Stretch ceiling everywhere, white matte. Plinths in the hallway and kitchen - plastic, in the rooms - wooden,  There is also an apron in the kitchen made of porcelain stoneware. 

We hope that you liked the renovation of this apartment and, as always, we are open for communication with you 24/7.