Renovation of an apartment in the residential complex Vremena Goda 7

Repair Description

Repair of a one-room apartment of 40 square meters in the residential complex Vremena Goda (Summer turn), performed by our organization. A feature of this apartment is a large balcony, 6 squares in size, from which two exits lead: one to the room, the other to the kitchen. In the interior of this apartment, wallpapers and their variety in each room stand out. It turned out such an interesting stylistic differentiation of each room. The floor here is presented in the standard version: the hall is laminate, the rest of the rooms are tile. The ceilings are stretched everywhere, the bathroom is combined, 2 types of tiles with a decorative border strip delimiting them. All material was bought in Anapa, for the most part  in the Pyramid shopping center, we remind you that we provide a discount card of 11% to all our customers   this store.