Renovation of an apartment in the residential complex Belvedere

Repair Description

Repair  studios 27 sq. meters, made by our organization. A small but functional apartment, where every meter is well planned out. The design is made in pastel colors, the bathroom is in cold shades, there are features of the Scandinavian style. In the bathroom, according to an established tradition, a shower tray 80 by 120 cm is laid out. The walls of the shower room are lined with mosaic tiles laid out in a chaotic manner. Sanitaryware is presented in a modern design, the toilet bowl is an installation, the sink is a bowl installed on a moisture-resistant  mdf tabletop.  In the apartment, all floors are faced exclusively with porcelain stoneware, presented in two types. Wallpaper is glued on the walls, the ceilings are stretch matte. The kitchen is prefabricated and as compact as possible, the hood is hidden here (it goes into the ventilation under the ceiling). In general, this apartment is an excellent illustration of how you can correctly plan a small apartment and fit all the modern furniture functionality into it. 

We hope that you liked this project and, as always, we are open for communication with you 24/7.