Renovation of an apartment in the residential complex Ogni Anapa 3

Repair Description

Repair  three-room apartment with an area of 70 sq. meters, made by our organization. The uniqueness of this renovation is that here each room has its own unique style and design. The bathroom is made in a Scandinavian style in calm cold colors with chrome layouts. shower room  according to tradition, we laid out the pallet with our own hands, the toilet and sink are suspended, there is a hygienic shower. In the corridor and in the kitchen, the floors are lined with porcelain stoneware, from which we also made skirting boards in the same rooms.  The rooms have laminate flooring. Wallpapers are presented here in five types, and three of them are photo wallpapers (in the nursery, wallpapers in the form of satin are pasted, in other rooms there are 3D photo wallpapers). We will immediately give advice, if you glue such wallpapers yourself, be extremely careful with applying glue on the seams, if you overdo it, the glue will come out, it can wash off the paint and visible gaps will remain on the seams. Here, of course, the quality of the wallpaper also plays a role, but it's better not to risk it. Fortunately, we coped with the task, the wallpaper looks great and visually enlarges the space of the rooms. The kitchen and the hall are separated by a Japanese-style glass compartment door, the solution is original and looks great. Ceilings white mat - no frills. Rovex air conditioner purchased from our partners.

We hope that you liked this project and, as always, we are open for communication with you 24/7.