Renovation of an apartment in Raz Dva Tri 3

Repair Description

Relatively budget, but at the same time stylish Repair of a one-room apartment in Raz Dva Tri. Tarket commercial linoleum is used as flooring in all rooms.  The apartment is located on the 1st floor of a 20-storey building, so the customers decided to protect themselves from possible flooding from above (we remind you that linoleum does not suffer from water at all, unlike laminate). Plus, this coating fits well into the interior of the apartment. The toilet here is extended, in the region of 6 square meters. meters, so all the sanitary ware fit here without any problems and there is still a lot of space left. The shower here is completely purchased, so here we are  interrupted our tradition with the installation of homemade shower trays. All material was bought at the Baucent hypermarket in Novorossiysk (we remind you that we have a maximum discount card for this store in the amount of 7%).