Comprehensive renovation of turnkey apartments in Anapa

  • Turnkey apartment renovation in Anapa

  • Low-rise construction

  • Manufacturing and installation of stretch ceilings

  • Installation of water supply and sewerage heating systems

  • Electrical work of varying complexity

  • Kitchens to order

  • Drawing up design estimates

  • Interior Design

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  • Ремонт квартир в Анапе
  • Ремонт квартир в Анапе
  • Ремонт квартир в Анапе

About company

The main direction of SK Stroysoyuz is the provision of services for the repair of apartments, cottages and other premises in Anapa and the Anapa region, with which  the company has been doing it successfully for over 10 years. We strictly adhere to the principle  that the best advertisement is a satisfied customer and therefore we strive to understand each of our customers and fulfill all their wishes to the maximum. Our staff employs many proven  skilled craftsmen with extensive experience in construction and decoration. We can also interest you in the prices for our services, which are minimal in the city, without compromising the high quality of work.


Average price per square repair meter - 100$. 


one-room apartment - 14 days - 1 month.

two-room apartment - 20 days - 2 months.

Large apartments and cottages - by agreement


Marble Surface
Why work with us?
полный спектр работ по ремонту квартир

Full cycle of work

We carry out a full range of repair work and cooperating with us you will not have to  hire nobody else  

разумные сроки ремонта квартиры

Short time

We want to save your time and nerves as much as possible. That is why we do not allow downtime at our facilities. 

Зарекомендованы, как порядочная организация по ремонту квартир

Reputation and experience

We value our reputation and strive for the client to recommend us to friends (80% of clients come to us through word of mouth)

сопутствующая документация по ремонтным работам

Contract, estimate and guarantee

We conclude a contract with our clients with a fixed price. It is impossible for us to deceive the client with various increase in the cost of the estimate!

Разумные цены на ремонтные работы

Low prices

 Our  services correspond to the minimum city prices 

Помощь и сопровождение клиентов на всех этапах ремонта квартиры

Assistance in purchasing materials

We want to save  your time and money. Therefore, we can buy the rough material ourselves in our partner stores at a low price. And also provide you with a 7% discount card in the Baucenter hypermarket

Клиент по Ремонту квартиры в Анапе

Pavel (LCD Vertical)

I express my gratitude for the repair of the apartment in the LCD Vertical. Continued success to you

Довольный клиент по ремонту квартиры в Анапе

Oksana (LC 123)

big  Thanks to your organization for the magical renovation of my small apartment.  So competent, decent and responsive  Artists like you are hard to find these days. I'm sure you'll be fine. Definitely recommend!

Довольный клиент 3 по ремонту квартиры в Анапе

Oleg (LCD Seasons)

They renovated my apartment in the Vremena Goda complex. The best offer for the price, quality for 4+, gave valuable advice on repairs. My wife and I are happy

Довольный клиент 4 по ремонту квартиры в Анапе

Alexander (LCD Lazurny)

During his life he has already seen a huge number of repairs, both disgusting and worthy. You are one of the best repairmen that I have seen in Anapa. Foreman control on high quality, straight-handed masters, not drunks. We had a controversial moment, on electrical installation, they were able to argue their position and convince me. You are professionals, I advise everyone, you will not regret it!

Our clients
Довольный клиент 5 по ремонту квартиры в Анапе

Marina (Zhk Vremena Goda)

 this company to me  recommended  my neighbor, whom the guys have already made repairs in our residential complex. Now it's my turn for you  recommend! You are great fellows that "endured" all my whims) and made a wonderful repair!  Mom came, she was just delighted)

Довольный клиент 6 по ремонту квартиры в Анапе

Alexey (LCD Belvedere)

You promised me  What  the quality of the repair will be at a high level and I will definitely  satisfied...  I came, received and I'm happy! You kept your word!  Well done!  Recommend!

Довольный клиент 7 по ремонту квартиры в Анапе

Alena (LCD One Two Three)

They refurbished my one bedroom apartment. The repair was done to a high standard. Both my husband and I have no complaints. The deadline was 45 days, the guys met it. When the repair was completed, they left behind the order and removed the garbage.

Клиент 8 по ремонту квартиры в Анапе

Lyudmila (LCD Lights of Anapa)

At one time I was very much frightened that in Anapa there was a lot of deceit, especially among builders and repairmen. Therefore, when I concluded an agreement with the guys, I was very worried and nervous. Thank you very much for dispelling my fears, making a quality repair of my cozy apartment without the slightest deceit.